About Rachael

I enjoy creating a positive impact on people’s lives. I offer Personal training and Nutritional coaching on a one-to-one basis at The Fitness Centre SP.  But during this Covid19 period I am offering on line training only.

I coach clients in both exercise, pilates and nutrition, encouraging and creating new habits, that will lead you towards the ultimate lifestyle balance . I will encourage you to push beyond your perceived limits to be your best, regardless of your starting point.

Some of my specialities

  • Nutritional and lifestyle balance
  • Sustainable Weight loss and long term weight management
  • Muscle growth and core strength
  • Improved mobility and flexibility

Let me help you create the best version of yourself

What do my clients say?

"Rachael helped me break down my goals into manageable chunks. Her enthusiasm and encouragement helped motivate me to achieve them! I found two hours with Rachael more valuable than a year of plodding away at the gym using the generic programmes I was given there."

− James Humphreys-White

"I just wanted to say thanks Rachael. My performance had really plateaud, but your online courses have really helped me push myself and get great muscle training results! "

− Paul Watson

"Rachael has created a fitness programme that I can do at home and incorporate into a busy life. This has enabled me to get fitter and stronger without the pressure of time constraints and gym membership. Rachael has given me a range of achievable exercises, taking into account my personal limitations (I had a mastectomy five years ago), and also challenges me as I improve my strength and stamina. I would thoroughly recommend her as she is a very supportive trainer and fun too! "

− Charlotte Devereux