Calories in Versus Calories out…………..

Its a simple equation, if you expend more calories than you take in you’ll lose weight, and conversely if you consume more than you expend you’ll put on weight, simple right ?

In theory yes – but in reality it’s not that easy, often we eat more than we need, not because we are hungry or need fuel but because we are tired, bored, looking for comfort, wanting something sweet or savoury ………………. so in reality it’s the habit of WHY we make these choices that we need to address.

Of course we all know that eating a piece of fish and some steamed veggies is going to be “better” for us than a burger and fries and yet we still struggle with the choices.

If you feel feel like you are ready to step away from the world of Yo Yo diets, calorie counting, restriction and the minefiled that is the world of nutrition and weight management then join me for a new way of living and eating ……………





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