Christmas ! A blip in your training and nutrition regime ?!?


Over the last couple of weeks lots of my clients have been worrying about how Christmas will impact on their training, worrying about the after effects of one too many mulled wines and mince pies and maybe the lack of the usual routine !

Christmas like any other high day and holiday should be enjoyed………..relax and enjoy the rest, a couple of days out of the usual weekly routine can be really great for your body just try to be mindful of the all the treats on offer, here are some ┬áhandy tips to get you through the festive season.

Make a Plan – Try to plan your exercise sessions in advance so you make time for that 20 Minute HITT session at home or a long walk with family or friends. Create an at home bodyweight routine that you can do anywhere, even when travelling.

Boost your immunity – At this time of year we’re all far more susceptible to colds and sickness and the increase in alcohol and perhaps a lower than normal quality of food has a negative impact on your immunity, by filling your daily diet with a rich array of fruit, vegetable , nuts and seeds you will help boost immunity. Getting plenty of sleep will also help fight off colds !

Stop eating when you’re full ! And chew more ! – Sounds simple but connecting with your body and recognising when you’ve had enough can be the difference between indulging and OVER indulging. Try eating before you go out to that party where you know you’re going to be tempted by sugary and fatty party food.

For every glass of alcohol drink a glass of water and choose spirits with soda water over beer and wine

Put in place the 3 Day Rule, never go more than three days without an exercise session, keeping on top of it will and you’ll prevent your fitness levels from declining !

And lastly………….remember Disco dancing burns 350 calories an hour so get your dancing shoes on and hit the floor !!!!!!!


  1. Maureen says:

    Thank you! This is really useful, especially the bit about indulging or overindulging. A good thought.

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