Do you ever have the feeling that your stuck ? Either in terms of your fitness or nutrition ?

Keep making the wrong food choices ? Lacking in motivation and will power ? Anxious about which direction to take ?

Step 1 Breathe …….. And breathe again, take a moment and consider the choices. Allow yourself the luxury of time and make a plan, a short term one with a long term goal in mind.

Step 2 Keep it real ! Be realistic about the plan, commit to a practical and achievable food and fitness formula, making small changes will inevitably lead to greater things.

Step 3 Make it happen ! Allow yourself to change and embrace the small things, moving a bit faster, feeling a bit stronger, feeling more energised …………

Step 4 Never regret, just move forward, ¬†failure and success are an inevitable part of life…….



“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” George Bernard Shaw


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