Feeling afraid of the party season ??…………

Lately people keep asking me what to do about a party or event that they have to attend and what should they eat/drink in an effort not to “fall off the wagon ” . Life would be pretty dull without parties, dinners and gatherings with friends,  but yes it can get in the way and mess with your head  particularly if you are very focused on a weight loss goal.

Find your way with these 5 simple steps as we move towards the party season –

– Eat a meal or snack before you go to the party, feeling full before you arrive will help you avoid the “brown” nibbles that are usually on offer.

– Take a plate with you ! Your host will be delighted when you arrive with a delicious platter of fresh vegetable crudités accompanied by a bowl of homemade guacamole or houmous.

– Elect to drive, avoiding alcohol will help you to make wiser food choices. Take a non alcoholic drink with you in case they are a bit thin on the ground !

– If you are drinking try to balance the alcohol with a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have. Clear spirits with soda water are less loaded with sugar than wine and cocktails ! Champagne  has 1/3 less calories than a glass of dry white wine ! So that’s always worth bearing in mind !

– Arrange a workout for the day following the party, book a class or arrange  to meet a friend for a gym session, bring balance back and create a new habit where every night out doesn’t end in a food/drink hangover !


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