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Personal Training – 20 One to one sessions

Personal Training is hugely motivating and inspiring. Whether you are new to fitness, want to start a new healthy lifestyle, need coaching with a fitness challenge, want to shape up for your wedding or holiday or want to lose weight, training with me will help you achieve your goals.

Every session is tailored specifically for you taking in to account your lifestyle, medical history and exercise preferences. Your progress will be closely monitored and you will be supported throughout the journey !

Having a personal trainer will improve your overall wellbeing, increase your energy, boost your confidence, improve your sleeping patterns and enhance your nutritional decisions.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve your health or start a new lifestyle I will create a programme that suits your lifestyle and is specific to you.

All block bookings come with an free initial consultation which provides us with an opportunity to review your current lifestyle, medical history and work through your goals to establish a specific path forward.

Over the course of your 20 one to one sessions I will provide support and encouragement to keep you focused and help you make the right nutritional decisions to maintain a life of balance.