Letting it all go at the weekend ? Weight loss, taking it off-piste !

By August 19, 2016 Lifestyle Comments

Do you find  it easier to control your food and exercise levels during the week only to let it all go in the opposite direction at the weekends ? With the structure of work and home life Monday to Friday it’s simpler to practise  the path of moderation during the week and it’s easy come Friday evening to “reward” yourself with a “treat” for all the hard work, then begins the slippery slope …………………..


Try  these steps to help you achieve moderation and balance …………….even when you have to step away from the routine …………………

– plan for the weekends in the same way you plan your weekdays, there will always be social occasions, learning how to handle them is key in creating  a life of balance.

– if you know you’ve got a sociable weekend coming up, make the weekend active so the any excesses become balanced, try to think of food as fuel

– if you’re socialising learn to set yourself limits, be it alcohol or food, decide your limits before you venture out and make them realistic, these small changes are HUGE  in terms of creating new habits.

– offer to cook supper/lunch rather than eating out, this will give you a chance to try something new and moderate the recipe, entertaining doesn’t have to involve hugely calorific foods. Weekends are the perfect time to experiment !

– start to think of the weekends as just another day, not as a chance to take your foot off the gas, but a chance to accelerate momentum into your weight loss journey by trying new activities,  foods and inspirations.






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