My 3 Top Tips for getting back on track ……….




There are times when you need to get yourself and your food & fitness back on track, whether it’s one too many nights out, getting back from a break away or just a loss of motivation, we all have moments where our good intentions go “out the window” and old habits creep back into our routine, before you know it, you haven’t worked out for a week and your clothes are starting to feel a bit snug !

I introduce a few simple steps back into my life when I recognise the signs………………

Step 1 – SEEK inspiration with both the food and fitness, try some new foods, recipes and meal plans, shake up the weekly shop and make your kitchen a happy place with a new utensil or two. Inspire yourself with some new ways of training, try a new class or a new bit of equipment in the gym or find a training buddy to help motivate you.

Step 2 – NEVER break the 3 day rule, whatever happens never leave it more than 3 days between workouts! Even if it’s a short-sharp at home bodyweight routine, make sure you keep the momentum going, letting the days pass with little or no activitiy will mean it’s tougher to get back in the groove when you do pick it back up.

Step 3 – DEAL WITH emotional issues that relate to your eating habits. Seek help in understanding WHY you make certain choices with food, unless you tackle the root cause the changes you are trying to make will only be temporary. Seeking help for the mind helps change deeply ingrained relationships with food and can lead to a whole new world for you and your body ……………..



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