My top 10 tips to help with weight loss

image My Top 10 tips to help with weight loss !


1) Organise your kitchen – create some order in the cupboards and fridge and make sure your store cupboard is stocked with plenty of “basics”! If your kitchen is a happy place to be you will WANT to spend time there.

2) Prepare your eating area – keep your eating area clear of screens, TV and social media, so you can concentrate on the job in hand, EATING………….

3) Eat your meals without distraction – take your time with every meal, chew every mouthful and savour the flavours !

4) Plan your meals each week Рspend time creating a meal and shopping planner, this will help you build a repertoire of quick and easy meals.

5) Journal your food – if you are new to it, journaling your food can help you get in touch with what you’re REALLY eating.

6) Drink more water – aim for around 2 litres a day ! Staying hydrated goes a long way to curbing food cravings.

7) Be active every day – even if it’s a REST day, stay active with lots of walking and moving around.

8) Eat according to your exercise levels – if you are having a day that’s not laden with activity try and keep the nutrition light, saving the bigger carbohydrate meals for high energy days.

9) Try new flavours – open your mind to the wealth of flavours and recipes that are out there, fall in love with cooking and experiment with what you enjoy, inspire yourself by reading blogs and magazines.

10) Know your “danger zones” – you can’t avoid social occasions forever, create new strategies to help you cope with those ¬†situations where you know you will be prone to falling off the wagon !






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