The secret to weight loss ?

The secret to weight loss is that there is NO secret, there is no ” new ” diet that will help you shed pounds in a hurry or “drop a dress size in a week” !
The “secret” is this ……… fuel your body with quality, unprocessed nutrition on a regular basis and move around A LOT ! Inject exercise into your life by doing something you really enjoy (with people you like) and that fits in with your lifestyle, walk to work, run, cycle, ski, dance, climb, play sport or visit the gym !

Exercise and nutrition are very close friends and  you cannot exercise yourself out of a bad diet, so mindful eating is key. Seek inspiration in the kitchen and set aside time during days off to try new food ideas and prepare food for the rest of the week (try to stock the freezer with leftover 1 person, portioned meals) Learn to understand when your nutrition goes off track, is it when you’re  tired ? Stressed? overly hungry ? Try to put things in place to help these situations and understand when you REALLY are hungry. Inspire mealtimes with attractive crockery and cutlery and make the food look nice on the plate instead of just dolloping it on, try to sit at a table and not in front of the TV so you can enjoy the food that you have prepared instead of mindlessly ploughing your way through it.

Many of us use food as a comfort and turn to it in times of stress and anxiety, whenever I feel like reaching for the chocolate I try to distract myself with something, a job that needs doing or a walk, anything to break the cycle of old habits. Different things work for different people but recognising the triggers is key to changing them.

Several of my clients keep a weekly food journal, the act of monitoring what they eat and then building an awareness of what, when and how much we eat helps identify habits. Rather than focusing on calorie counting I like to encourage the eating of REAL food that nourishes the body. So rather than focusing on the latest crash diet to “Lose 10 lbs in a week” why not try some food journaling and set about changing the way your brain works in relation to food.

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