Smoothie Formula !


Sooooo lately everyone has gone “smoothie” crazy ! And I for one love them, loads of my clients have got blenders/juicers and nutribullets and its a great way to pack in loads of quality nutrition especially if you’re on the go………….they are quick to prepare and can be used as a snack, pre or post workout or as compliment to a meal.

I use a really basic formula for my smoothies and blitz them in the nutribullet, I’ve always had a problem with following a recipe so I prefer a simple formula –

Base liquid  – water, almond milk, coconut milk, regular milk, soya milk, carrot juice …………. endless possibilities

Base ingredient – fruit and veg, basically anything goes, banana, apple, celery, kale, spinach, carrots, fennel, berries, spring greens, kiwi, papaya………..(I always try for a 2:1 ratio of veg and fruit, so there’s not a sugar overload)

Then add any of the following to upgrade your smoothie ……..


Add Fat – almond butter, ground flaxseed, nuts, coconut oil

Add Sweetner  – local honey, frozen berries, agave nectar

Add Protein – greek yoghurt, ricotta cheese, organic protein powder, soya

Add Spice and Herbs – fresh ginger, ground cinnamon, nutmeg,


Personalise your smoothies to suit your own tastebuds and think about what your body needs and when, maybe for a breakfast style smoothie you’d like to add a shot of coffee to your banana smoothie to liven up the senses and when you get that afternoon dip a spot of fresh ginger might liven up that carrot, kale and coriander smoothie.

A few of my favourites are –

Avocado, walnut and banana with almond milk and soya yoghurt

Celery, kiwi, kale and blueberry with water and fresh ginger

Spinach, clementine, cucumber, wheat germ and blueberry with rice milk





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