Stay motivated !

Staying motivated isn’t always easy !!

Of course having a personal trainer helps but it’s easy at times to lose your fitness mojo and getting it back can be tricky. Short term goals help, they break down the bigger picture which can sometimes feel unobtainable and a long way off. So instead of focusing on the end result, try setting small short term goals.

Seeking inspiration also helps and I like to return to some of the things I love the most when I feel a plateau appearing, for me the exercise is about consistency and I maintain that by exercising with people that I really enjoy being with, people that inspire me and people that do things that are very different to what I’d normally do………. (Olympic lifting !! climbing! yoga!)

Use music to inspire motivation, if you like to enjoy some tunes while you’re training, put together a new playlist to look forward to on your next workout, time it to suit your workout with different motivational songs for warming up, the main event and cooling down ! Let the music prompt you into your next phase and try something new that you haven’t heard before!

Fashion and clothes always inspire me, putting on something I really love to train in always gets me in the mood and it’s important to me to look nice while I workout out, even if the look doesn’t last long before I’m plastered in sweat !

When it comes to food, inspiration can be found in new recipes, apps, chatting with people about what they are eating, perusing cook books in the supermarket and trying out new ingredients.
I’ve recently discovered how to slow roast meat, so easy, great value for money and just delicious !
(Try slow roasted shoulder of pork, rubbed with garlic, fennel seeds and lemon juice, blast in the oven at 200 degrees for 1/2 hour then cook at 130 degrees for a further 6-8 hours)
The change of seasons really inspires my tastebuds and spring always feels like an opportunity to try fresh combinations (I’m in love with carrot, ginger, celery, mint and cucumber juice at the moment )

So try something new today and get your mojo back !

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