SUGAR !!!!!! The Unsweetend Truth

Every day there’s something new in the media, its confusing right?? “Sugar makes you fat” “Only have 20grams of sugar in your diet per day” and my favourite!!

“sugar is the Devil!”

So what should we believe? Sugar has a huge effect on our bodies, a simple way of looking at it is : when we eat sugar our body releases insulin to regulate it, if you over indulge in sugar or sugary treats your body will begin to lose its sensitivity to insulin. Resulting in excessive production of insulin into your circulation, hence sugar is strongly linked to diabetes.  Poor insulin sensitivity is also associated with weight gain, of course its not just the sugar that makes us gain weight often its the company that sugar keeps ,in the form of fat and refined starches.

So how should we cut down on sugar and sugary treats?? How about eating some whole fruit, the natural sugar within it will satiate your craving and whole fruits supply you with vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. The fibre vitamins and minerals that come with whole fruit help to slow down the pace at which the natural sugar enters the bloodstream. Mix it up a bit and try some different fruits, berries, bananas, citrus fruits like grapefruits and oranges and fibrous fruits like blackberries and apples. Shop bought juices and smoothies are often loaded with sugar and artificial sweetener so try to make your own and think of a ratio of 1 fruit, 2 veg Рso for example  avocado, strawberry and beetroot or spinach, apple and ginger !!

If you have got a sweet tooth try to opt for natural sweeteners like honey or natural sugar in the form of dried fruit, honey (particularly local) has a huge amount of healthy benefits and many dried fruits are also high in protein. So ditch the processed sugary junk in favour of some natural alternatives !! And try to make 2 of your five a day FRUIT!!!!

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