The Importance of separating fact from fiction in fitness and food ……………………..

Every week I hear about the latest “fitness revolution” or the “Number 1 Super food” that will revolutionise your body !

All this bull s**t can be confusing, its designed to hook you in and offer you an easy “quick fix”.  There is no singular exercise that can” transform your butt in 6 weeks” and sadly there is no food group  that can “shrink your belly in 28 days” !

The truth and reality of it all is that maintaining both a healthy body and mind takes time…… requires routine, structure and habit. These are not things that happen overnight and they cannot be maintained with will power alone.

So if you want to make some changes, set a short term goal, keep it real and make it manageable. Set your self up to succeed with changes that fit it in with your current lifestyle. Exercise somewhere close to where you live or work, doing something that you enjoy,  add foods into your existing meals that you enjoy and that you know are wholesome, short term manageable changes WILL lead to long term wins.

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