Water!! Are you thirsty ?

By July 16, 2014 Lifestyle Comments

So I recently went to promote myself at a local ladies pamper evening and was offering 15 minute fitness and well being consultations. I’m always fascinated to meet new people and hear about their fitness routines and what they eat on a daily basis. The first thing that really struck me was how many people drink little or no water throughout the day. Of course you can get by without sufficient water but you probably wont feel great !

Water is hugely important in aiding digestion, makes your skin look healthier, helps keep your kidneys healthy and contributes to regular healthy bowel activity !!!!! If you don’t stay hydrated you miss out on all these benefits and you are likely to feel fatigued. Water is particularly important for those of us who workout, it helps energize muscles and helps with the prevention of cramping.
Create yourself some new hydration habits by treating yourself to a new water container, using a clear container will allow you add fruits like limes and lemons to your water and makes it taste more palatable if your not a big fan ! Anything that makes it look more attractive will appeal to your senses and encourage you to drink more. Ladies we should be aiming for around 2 litres  a day and men around 3 litres, obviously this will vary hugely depending on your activity levels and so on but is generally a good guide.
Its no surprise that water is good for you, the benefits that you will get from drinking more will be well worth the effort !
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